Name: John Grissle Buckner
Father: John Buckner
Mother: Eliza Fitzpatrick
Baptism Date: 6 March 1831
Birthplace: Hampstead, London, England


John Grissle Buckner is a bit of a mystery at this point. His middle name, Grissle, was a bit of a puzzle as it is an unusual name and I suspected that it may have been a surname from within the family. Recently I found the marriage of Jeremiah Fitzpatrick and Ann Grissell. I believe that these are Eliza Fitzpatrick's parents and that John's unusual middle name is his grandmother's maiden name - even if the spelling is slightly different.

The last record I have of him is the 1871 Census when he was a 40 year old dock labourer living with his widowed mother.

He was unmarried at the time of the 1871 Census and I have not been able to find any record of a marriage or death after that date. It is possible that, like his brothers Samuel and Charles, he emigrated - but to where?


John Grissle Buckner Died:


1: John Grissle Buckner's baptism at St John's Church in Hampstead did not record his date of birth and, as he was born before the start of civil registration in England - which began on 1 July 1837 - we may never know his actual date of birth.
2: The above information is based on a variety of sources, including scanned images of baptism records, and various census returns at

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Updated: 29 November 2015