Name: John Buckner, bachelor, of Whitechapel
Father: Richard Buckner
Mother: Elizabeth Alder
Birthdate: 13 April 1804
Birthplace: Sutton Courtenay, Berkshire, England


Name: Eliza Fitzpatrick, spinster, of Whitechapel
Father: Jeremiah Fitzpatrick
Mother: Ann Grissle
Birthdate: c. 1814
Birthplace: Wapping, London, England


Date: 14 February 1830, after Banns
Place: St Mary's Parish Church
Location: Whitechapel, London, England
Priest: Robert Simpson, Officiating Minister
Witnesses: Nathaniel Hammond and Maria Hammond


John Grissle Buckner Baptized: 6 Mar 1831 His Life
Eliza Elizabeth Buckner Baptized: 9 Sep 1832 Her Family
George Buckner Baptized: 22 Mar 1835 (infant)
Susan Buckner Baptized: 3 Jun 1838 Her Family
Lucy Margaret Buckner Born: Dec 1839 (infant)
Samuel Widgery Buckner Born: 8 Jan 1842 His Family
Charles Buckner Born: 30 Dec 1843 His Family
Emma Ann Buckner Born: c. 1846 Her Family
Alfred William Buckner Born: 18 Apr 1849 His Family
Edwin Buckner Born: 30 Dec 1851 (infant)
Clara Mary Ann Buckner Born: 14 Sep 1855 Her Family
Alice Buckner Born: 2 Jun 1858 (infant)


George Buckner [infant] Died: c. 1835
Lucy Margaret Buckner [infant] Died: c. 1840
Edwin Buckner [2.5 yrs] Buried: 23 Jul 1854
Alice Buckner [infant] Died: c. 1858
John Buckner Sr [55 yrs] Died: c. 1859
Eliza Buckner (Mrs) [68 yrs] Died: 5 Feb 1882
Eliza Elizabeth Corston (Mrs) [59 yrs] Died: c. 1892
Emma Ann Clark-Everson (Mrs) [66 yrs] Died: c. 1912
Susan West (Mrs) [78 yrs] Died: c. 1918
Charles Buckner [83 yrs] Died: 21 Oct 1926
Samuel Widgery Buckner [84 yrs] Died: 5 Nov 1926
Alfred William Buckner [84 yrs] Died: 20 Mar 1933
Clara Mary Wilson (Mrs) [85 yrs] Died: c. 1941
John Grissle Buckner Died:


1: John Buckner and Eliza Fitzpatrick signed the marriage register with their marks.
2: Eliza's surname was spelled Fitz-Patrick in the church register.
3: Eliza's mother's surname was spelled Grissell when she married Jeremiah Fitzpatrick in 1810.
4: The baptism records for the first four children did not record their dates of birth.
5: The above information is based on scanned images of the original marriage and baptisms registers and from various Census returns at


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