Name: Clara Mary Ann Buckner, age 21, spinster, of 87 Heath Street
Father: John Buckner, soap boiler
Mother: Eliza Fitzpatrick
Birthdate: 14 September 1855
Birthplace: St. George in the East, London, England


Name: Henry James Wilson, age 23, bachelor, rigger, of 32 Oxford Street
Father: Henry Wilson, stonemason
Birthdate: c. 1852
Birthplace: Godstone, Surrey, England


Date: 14 November 1875, after Banns
Place: St Thomas' Parish Church
Location: Stepney, London, England
Priest: Arthur W. Cribb, Vicar
Witnesses: Eliza Ann Corston & Alice Corston


Henry Edward John Wilson Born: 24 Dec 1876 (infant)
Albert George Wilson Born: 24 Aug 1878 His Family
Edward James Wilson Born: 18 Jun 1881 (infant)
Florence Martha Wilson Born: 8 Feb 1884 Her Family
Henry Charles Wilson Born: 18 Oct 1886 His Life
Rueben Benjamin Wilson Born: 3 May 1889 (infant)
Benjamin Alfred Wilson Born: c. 1891 His Family
Violet Emily Wilson Born: 6 Jan 1896 Her Family


Henry Edward John Wilson [infant] Died: c. 1877
Edward James Wilson [infant] Died: c. 1881
Rueben Benjamin Wilson [infant] Died: c. 1892
Henry James Wilson [60 yrs] Died: c. 1913
Henry Charles Wilson [32 yrs] Died: 19 Oct 1918
Clara Mary Ann Wilson (Mrs) [85 yrs] Died: c. 1941
Florence Martha Moody (Mrs) [73 yrs] Died: c. 1958
Violet Emily Mears (Mrs) [79 yrs] Died: 22 Jul 1975
Albert George Wilson Died:
Benjamin Alfred Wilson Died:


1: Clara Mary Ann signed the marriage register with an X. All others signed their own names.
2: The witnesses to the wedding were Clara's nieces, the daughters of her sister Eliza Elizabeth Buckner and her husband George Corston.
3: Henry and Clara apparently "adopted" a 9th child, William, who was living with them at the time of the 1911 Census, aged 6 years. I have not yet determined who this child was.
4: I have been unable to find any birth or baptism record for Benjamin Alfred and the baptism record for Violet Emily does not record her date of birth. Her birth date is taken from her death record.
5: A Henry James Wilson was baptized on 4 July 1852 at Godstone, Surrey, but he was the son of George and Maria Wilson. This is the only Henry James Wilson in the GRO indexes born in Surrey between 1850 and 1860 and may actually be the right one. This would mean that the father's name recorded on the marriage certificate is incorrect.
6: The above information is based on scanned images of marriage and baptism records, as well as the various census returns at and


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