Name: Ambrose Charles Madden
Father: James Whitford Madden
Mother: Jane Hergenroether
Birthdate: 23 October 1889
Birthplace: Brady's Bend, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, USA


The Blue Rock Hotel

by A. C. “Dave” Madden and John A. “Rusty” Burns c. 1910

At the turn of the century Brady's Bend was quite an industrial place with steel mill blast furnaces and mines for iron ore, coal and limestone. In Brady's Bend there was a hotel called the “Rocket Hotel" where workers came looking for a boarding place until they could settle in”. Ambrose Charles "Dave" Madden and John A. "Rusty" Burns made up a little song about the Rocket Hotel.




There's the Blue Rock Hotel,
Where you climb the Hemlock Stairs
Punkies and the bed bugs on the wall
For dinner they've got beef-steak,
For supper they've got cheese
It's the only place, that Blue Rock Hotel.

There's a girl of seventeen
She thinks it's mighty mean
She hasn't got a feller of her own
And it's no use to tell her,
You're somebody else's feller
She'll masticate your smeller if you do.



1: Punkies are little flying gnats, a real nuisance.
2: This is a temporary page and will be replaced by a more complete page in due course. I've added this page now in order to post the audio clip, which was kindly provided by my cousin Teresa Madden, granddaughter of Ambrose Charles Madden.


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