The story of the search for my grandfather's elusive past is a long one. Some may find it interesting - while others will find it an excellent cure for insomnia.

Due to it's length, and keeping download times in mind, I have broken the story down into chapters. You may want to read them all in one sitting or you may want to read one now and come back again later to read another. You may decide not to read any of them and go to the Toronto Maple Leafs website to check the hockey scores.

This page is a Table of Contents that you can refer back to when and if you want to read the story. At the bottom of each of the following pages you will find buttons that will take you to the next page, back to this page, or to other parts of the website.


How it All started How I became interested in tracing my family history.


The Human Top My grandfather's early life on wheels.


The Road to Nowhere My first trip to Great Britain in 1987.


Back to Square One Starting over, 1990


Carrying On My move to Preston in 1992.


So what is the truth? Sorting the truth from the myth of Richard Joseph Swarbrick


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NOTE: This section was updated in January 2004 after the death of Elsie (Swarbrick) Banks.