One of the most difficult things about doing a Family History is keeping track of everyone. Names are repeated from generation to generation and within generations so it all gets a bit confusing. For example, this Family History contains 36 George Swarbricks, 20 Elizabeth Swarbricks, and 37 William Swarbricks...so far. Compiling an index was not an easy task but should help to sort out who's who.

Hopefully the following pages will be clear and self-explanatory. The individuals are listed alphabetically by surname with a note as to how each person is related to me. Many names a linked to their Family Page, with children's names linked to the part of their parent's page where they appear. More names will be linked to Family Pages at a later date.

For the most part, the index only lists my blood relations but I have included some spouses for reasons of clarity and I may add more when and if necessary.

Dates of birth are given where possible. For Individuals whose birth dates are marked "private" no further information will be given unless that person wishes to be included on this site.

The surnames Morton and Norris are given pages of their own due to the number of people listed and, as Swarbrick is the most prevalent name in this Family History, it is given a separate section.

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