Name: Mary Ann Knott, age 18, spinster, servant, of 67 Chamber Street
Father: John Knott, labourer
Mother: Sarah Ann Harrison
Birthdate: 26 January 1851
Birthplace: Whitechapel, London, England


Name: Richard Robert Stacey, age 19, bachelor, lighterman, of 3 Cartwright Street
Father: John Stacey, cordwainer
Mother: Charlotte Littlefield
Birthdate: 10 November 1851
Birthplace: Aldgate, London, England


Date: 16 August 1868, after Banns
Place: St. Mark's Parish Church
Location: Whitechapel, London, England
Priest: Brooke Lambert, Vicar
Witnesses: Alfred Friend and Rachel Knott


Charlotte Stacey Born: 26 Sep 1868 Her Family
Richard Robert Stacey Born: 4 Jul 1870 (infant)
William John Stacey Born: 22 Jun 1872 His Family
Richard Edward Stacey Born: 6 Mar 1876 His Family
Mary Ann Elizabeth Stacey Born: 3 Jul 1878 (infant)
Sarah Ann Rachel Stacey Born: 18 Jun 1881 Her Family
Edward George Grubb Stacey Born: 24 Oct 1883 His Family
Gertrude Stacey Baptized: 24 Mar 1886 Her Family
James Stacey Born: 8 Dec 1887 His Family
George Stephen Stacey Born: 12 Aug 1891 His Family


Richard Robert Stacey Jr. [infant] Died: c. 1871
Mary Ann Elizabeth Stacey [infant] Died: c. 1879
Mary Ann Stacey (Mrs) [43 yrs] Died: 23 Oct 1895
James Stacey [29 yrs] Died: 7 Jun 1917
Richard Robert Stacey Sr. [67 yrs] Died: 11 Dec 1919
Charlotte Gauntlet (Mrs) [64 yrs] Died: 11 Mar 1933
Richard Edward Stacey [73 yrs] Died: 23 Dec 1949
William John Stacey [81 yrs] Died: c. 1953
Edward George Grubb Stacey [69 yrs] Died: c. 1953
Sarah Ann Rachel Graham (Mrs) [75 yrs] Died: c. 1957
Gertrude Pack (Mrs) [78 yrs] Died: c. 1965
George Stephen Stacey [79 yrs] Died: c. 1970


1: Richard, Mary Ann and both witnesses signed their own names to the marriage register.
2: With both Richard and Mary Ann being minors at the time of their marriage they would have needed their parents' permission to marry.
3: As their first child was born about a month after they married, it would seem that Mary Ann would have been heavily pregnant on their wedding day.
4: Richard Stacey's occupation, lighterman, was a man working on small cargo boats, called lighters.
5: The above information is based on scanned images of the original birth, baptism, and marriage records at
6: Additional information and the above photographs were kindly provided by my 4th cousin, Jennifer Brattle. Click on the photos to see larger versions.


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