There are a number of people that I would like to thank:

I'd like to thank my wife Patricia and our daughters Elizabeth and Rachel for putting up with me this past fifteen years while I monopolized the computer.

My Mum and Dad - without whom I wouldn't have been possible.

My dad for all his help, interest and encouragement - and for being the best damn dad a boy could wish for. (Even if he is terrible at answering his e-mails)

My Step-mum for keeping Dad young and happy (and for making him answer his e-mails).

My siblings; Don, Bob, Karen, Dave, Cheryl, Mark, Steven and the late Diane.

My Aunt Dorothy (Swarbrick) Partridge and my late Aunt Katherine (Swarbrick) Hunt for all of the stories, photos, documents, etc.

My late Uncle Allan Swarbrick for the stories, puns and corny jokes.

All of my Canadian, American and British cousins, especially Kim and Nancy for the photos, etc.

My late cousin Elsie (Swarbrick) Banks for being a good friend, a joy to know, and for setting the record straight about my granddad. ("He was never from Glasgow!") I will miss her.

Stephen & Anne Marie Swarbrick, Joe & Gemma Swarbrick, and Paul Francis Xavier & Marie Swarbrick for making me feel like part of the family.

My late cousin Christine Ackers, a Family History researcher who helped so many people from around the world and whose work will live on to help many more people.

My distant cousins, John David Swarbrick, and Derek Sadler. It's been a pleasure sharing information and I thank you all for the help you have given me.

My late cousin John Swarbrick, a true gentleman.

The priests and ministers too numerous to mention who allowed me access to their records.

The staff of the Harris Museum and Library, Preston.

My colleagues at the Lancashire Archives for keeping our history alive and accessible.

And last but not least, my late grandfather, Richard Joseph Swarbrick, for being an enigma.

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