John Norris
John Norris wrote his Will on 4 February 1910 and appointed his wife Elizabeth, his son Hugh, his daughter Elizabeth Ann, and Charles Eastwood, Solicitor, Preston, Executors of his estate.

His trust property was to be converted to cash, his debts, funeral and testamentary expenses paid, then 50 paid to his wife as soon as possible after his death. She was to have full use of all of his household goods, furniture, etc., his farmhouse known as "Mill House End", carry on his business as a farmer and receive all income from the farm business, for her life, as long as she remained his widow.

The residue of the estate was to be invested and the income paid to his wife for her lifetime as his widow. After her death or remarriage, a legacy of 50 was to be paid to his daughter Elizabeth Ann and she was to be permitted to choose such articles of his household goods she thinks proper. The balance of the estate was to be divided between all of his children upon turning 21, or if female, marrying before age 21. The child or children of any of his children that predecease him would be entitled to the deceased parents share, upon turning 21 years of age.

His son John, or his issue, would receive nothing until the 30 advanced to him had been repaid. The same applied to his son Henry, or his issue, until the sum of 20 advanced to him was repaid.

John signed the Will, which was witnessed by George Shaw and Anthony Parker, Clerks with William Banks & Co., Solicitors, Preston.

The Will was proved at Lancaster on 20 October 1911.

Effects: 4,058 12s 6d (about 225,000 today)
Elizabeth Norris
I have not found any record of a Will or Administration for Elizabeth Norris.


1: The above information is taken from a copy of the Will held at the Lancashire Archives.


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