Name: Patrick Madden
Father: James Madden
Mother: Annie Whitford
Birthdate: 14 May 1843
Birthplace: Montore, Tipperary, Ireland


Name: Anna Carroll
Father: Peter Carroll
Mother: Mary Fitzgibbons
Birthdate: 2 February 1852
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, USA


Date: 10 July 1872
Place: St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church
Location: Brady's Bend, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, USA


Mary Ann Madden Born: c. 1873 Her Family
William Madden Born: 17 Sep 1874 His Family
Elizabeth Madden Born: 5 Dec 1876 (infant)
Daniel Madden Born: 21 Jan 1878 His Family
John Patrick Madden (1) Born: 26 Jan 1880 (infant)
Edward Madden Born: 1881 His Life
Charles Leo Madden Born: 26 Nov 1883 His Life
John Patrick Madden (2) Born: 1 Mar 1886 His Family
Ida Mary Madden Born: 4 Sep 1889 Her Family
Clara E Madden Born: c. 1890 Her Family
Joseph Edward Madden Born: 12 Apr 1891 His Life
Harry Patrick Madden Born: 18 Aug 1893 His Life


Elizabeth Madden [infant] Died: Pre 1880
John Patrick Madden (1) [infant] Died: Pre 1886
Edward Madden [22 yrs] Died: 14 May 1904
Harry Patrick Madden [25 yrs] Died: 11 Oct 1918
Patrick Madden [80 yrs] Died: 4 Apr 1923
Anna Madden (Mrs) [81 yrs] Died: 16 Apr 1932
Daniel Madden [55 yrs] Died: 3 Jul 1933
John Patrick Madden (2) [62 yrs] Died: 18 Nov 1948
Charles Leo Madden [65 yrs] Died: 10 Apr 1949
Mary Ann Hogan-Karns (Mrs) [80 yrs] Died: 2 Nov 1953
William Madden [85 yrs] Died: c. Mar 1960
Joseph Edward Madden [74 yrs] Died: 8 Nov 1965
Ida Mary Weber (Mrs) [81 yrs] Died: 20 May 1971
Clara E Graham (Mrs) Died:


1: According to the 1910 Census, Patrick & Anna had 13 children, nine of which were living at that time. Ida Weber's death notice states that she had one surviving sister (Clara) and was predeceased by ten brothers and one sister - that makes 13 in total.
2: I only became aware of Patrick and Anna's son Edward when I was sent a photo of their headstone. Edward's was the first burial in their grave.
3: Patrick Madden was born in what later became the Irish free State and is now the Republic of Ireland.
4: Many of the dates of death shown above were taken from copies of obituaries kindly sent to me by Deb Reed. Much of the other information is based on a variety of internet sources, including scanned images of birth, marriage, death and census records at


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