Name: Charles Buckner, of full age, bachelor, labourer, of Bethnal Green
Father: John Buckner (deceased)
Mother: Eliza Fitzpatrick
Birthdate: 30 December 1843
Birthplace: Mile End, London, England


Name: Phoebe Jane Castels, of full age, widow, of Bethnal Green
Father: William Fryer (deceased)
Mother: Phoebe (surname unknown)
Birthdate: 30 December 1836
Birthplace: Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England


Date: 25 December 1866, after Banns
Place: St James the Great Parish Church
Location: Bethnal Green, London, England
Priest: Edward F Coke
Witnesses: William Edwards & Emma Edwards


Charles John Buckner Born: 7 Aug 1860 (infant)
Phoebe Jane Buckner Born: 5 Mar 1863 Her Family
Alfred Samuel Buckner Born: 4 May 1866 His Family
Robert William Buckner Born: 23 Jul 1868 His Family
Henry Buckner Born: 23 Feb 1871 His Family
John Buckner Born: 7 Aug 1873 His Family
Mary "May" Buckner Born: 28 Jul 1875 Her Family
Charles Buckner Jr Born: 10 May 1879 His Family
George Buckner Born: 6 Feb 1881 His Family


Charles John Buckner [ child ] Died: Pre 1879
Phoebe Jane Blakely (Mrs) [33 yrs] Died: 26 Dec 1896
Phoebe Jane Buckner (Mrs) [80 yrs] Died: 7 Aug 1917
Charles Buckner Sr [83 yrs] Died: 21 Oct 1926
George Buckner [65 yrs] Died: 16 Jun 1946
Alfred Samuel Buckner Died: Pre 1947
Henry Buckner [76 yrs] Died: 28 Feb 1947
John Buckner [74 yrs] Died: 23 Jun 1951
Charles Buckner Jr [76 yrs] Died: 22 Oct 1955
Robert William Buckner [87 yrs] Died: 25 Jan 1956
Mary "May" King (Mrs) [80 yrs] Died: 22 Jul 1956


1: Charles and Phoebe were listed as living in Bethnal Green at the time of their marriage but their exact address is not given. They are both listed as "of full age" i.e. over 21. Charles would have been 22 and Phoebe Jane would have been 29. They each celebrated their birthdays 5 days later.
2: At the time of their marriage Phoebe was the widow of Francis J Castels (spelled Castles in the marriage register). They were married in London in 1852 and he died 2 years later.
3: Phoebe's older brother, Robert William Fryer, married Mary Ann Castles - also in 1852. Mary Ann was the sister of Phoebe's first husband Francis. It appears that Mary Ann also died young and Robert was remarried in 1859 to Sarah Ann Beaumont - although this not yet confirmed.
4: Charles and Phoebe seemed to have caused quite a scandal! By the night of the 1861 Census, Charles and Phoebe were living together as man and wife and are listed as such in the Census Return - even though they didn't actually marry until 5 years (and three children) later.

It may be that they had to wait until Charles attained the legal age of 21 years before they could marry, as before that he would have needed his mother's permission.

Their situation would have caused quite a stir in Victorian England and may be why they decided to emigrate to Canada.
5: Charles and Phoebe emigrated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada aboard the SS Medway on 29 July 1869.
6: The above information is based on a variety of British and Canadian sources, including original marriage and baptism records, as well as scanned images of baptism records, and various census returns at


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