SWARBRICK, James  431605

Short Service Attestation
[No medal card as this man did not serve overseas]

20406 James Swarbrick Loyal North Lancs Regiment
[Number crossed through - replaced by 431605]
Across the top of this document:
Home Service - Specially enlisted clerk WO Letter 35/Gen/No.1430 KR
25th February 1915
Name: James Swarbrick
Address: 115, North Road, Preston, Lancashire
British Subject? Yes
Age: 37 years 8 months [This would give a birth date of July 1877]
Trade: Clerk
Signed and attested 6th March 1915 at Preston

Descriptive Report on Enlistment
James [John crossed out] Swarbrick
Apparent age 37 years 8 months
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Chest - expanded 36 inches

Name and address of next of kin: Hannah Swarbrick -115, North Road, Preston, Lancashire - wife

Particulars as to marriage:
Hannah Almond, spinster
Married 12th August 1912 at Preston
Present address: 115, North Road, Preston, Lancashire
Verified by certificate
Children: James Bernard Swarbrick born 4th March 1916 at Preston

Statement of the Services
Service towards limited engagement reckons from 6.3.15
LNL Depot - Attested and Posted - Private - 6.3.15
Promoted Cpl
Labour Corps - 524 Company - Transferred - Private - 29.9.17
Class Z - unpaid A/Sgt - 1.4.20

From Colonel i/c Labour Corps Records
To O/C Depot. Loyal North Lancs, Preston
Nottingham 12/7/17
431605 Pte J Swarbrick
Kindly note that the above man joined this office for duty as clerk on the 9th inst.

W Collins

Typed Document dated 8.8.17
The Regimental Paymaster - No.2 - Preston
Herewith Army Form 0.1794.A for 431605 Private Swarbrick, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, a specially enlisted clerk for record office.

I attach a copy of the War Office Authority authorising the issue of Separation Allowance.
[Authority also covers 20791 - Walker]

A further document is to the effect that when James and Private Walker were transferred to Nottingham in 1917 they were initially unable to find accommodation and were entitled to and paid a separation allowance. A third document states that the allowance was to be paid for one month. A further document, dated 8th August 1917, asks that should these two men cease to be separated from their wives then the WO should be informed [presumably to sanction the cancelling of the allowance.]

Casualty Form

Loyal North Lancs Regiment
Swarbrick James 20406 [crossed through] 431605
Age on enlistment: 37 years 8 months
Enlisted 6th March 1915
Occupation: Clerk Group 37 - Married - Code no.172 Depot Loyal North Lancs Regiment

From Loyal North Lancs - posted - private - 6th March 1915
From Labour Corps 524 Company - promoted corporal - 6th March 1915
[Compulsorily transferred] - 29th September 1917

From 524th H.S. Emp. Company - posted to 563 H.S. Emp. Company - 14th January 1918 - Derby

12th September 1918
From: Infantry Records
To: O/C Labour Corps Records, Nottingham
The attached attestation of 431605 A/Cpl Swarbrick J is returned for completion as follows:
[1] Promotion to Corporal no date or information is given: should this read Appointed Acting Corporal, paid or unpaid, or local corporal
[2] As acting rank was retained on transfer entry should be amended accordingly
[3] The rank on transfer to 524 H.S. Employment Company is not clear. Please adjust and return at the earliest possible moment

Date stamped received 13th September 1918
Infantry records No 3 District

Memo - Date Stamped 20th September 1918
431605 Swarbrick J
I have no trace of this man having held the rank of Cpl or A/Cpl whilst serving in the Labour Corps. He was taken on the strength of the 524th HS Emp Coy as a Private.

Illegible signature - Major - For Col i/c Labour Corps Records

Date: 14th December 1919
From: No 1 Infantry records, Preston
To: O/C Labour Corps Records, 32, Carrington Street, Nottingham

51440 Sergeant J. Swarbrick East Lancs Regiment
[Late 20406 Loyal North Lancs, 431605 Labour Corps - attached for duty at this office]

The above named N.C.O. was attached for duty at your office from July 1917 to January 1918 & was appointed A/Cpl [unpaid] vide your office order dated 12th September 1917. It appears that this appointment was not promulgated in Part II orders of the Loyal North Lancs Regiment [Depot] at the time. Therefore I would be glad if you will favour me with a certified true extract of the particulars re: this appointment & order that this attestation may be put in order,

M. D. King

From Officer i/c Labour Corps Records, Nottingham

To: Officer in charge - Lancashire Fus: Section 1 Infantry Records, Preston

Re: 51440 Sgt J. Swarbrick East Lancs Regmt Reference attached correspondence, relative to the above mentioned NCO. I forward herewith certified true extract from this Office Order dated 12-9-17 confirming his appointment to the rank of A/Cpl [unpaid]

W Collins Major

Extract from Office Orders by Lt Colonel R F Formby
Colonel i/c Labour Corps Records, Nottingham
September 12th 1917

No 8. The following appointments have been approved with effect from this date

No. 20406 Private Swarbrick J
To be Acting Corporal [unpaid]

W P Collins. Captain

Certified True Copy
[Date stamped 20th December 1919 Fulwood Barracks]

Declaration to be made by a Soldier volunteering for Retention in the Armies of Occupation under the conditions of Army Order 55 of 1919

Whereas it is stated in Paragraph 4 of Army Order 55 of 1919 that Warrant Officers, Non-commissioned Officers and men who are qualified for demobilisation under paragraph 3 of the said Army Order, may be permitted to volunteer for the Armies of Occupation,

I, 51440, A/Sergt James Swarbrick at present serving in [Corps] Depot East Lancs Regiment attached to No 1 Infantry Record Office, No 3 District, Preston, do hereby declare my willingness to surrender all claims to be demobilized and express my desire to continue serving under the same conditions as soldiers retained for service with the Armies of Occupation. If accepted as a volunteer I understand that I may be called upon to serve in any corps or arm of the Service and in any of the Armies of Occupation as defined in Paragraph 1 of the Army Order, that I may be required to relinquish any acting rank, and that I may be detained and my service prolonged for such further period not exceeding one year from the date on which this my offer is accepted as other soldiers detained for service with the Armies of Occupation.
Signed James Swarbrick
Dated 11th April 1919 at Preston

I accept the above named soldier in Armies of Occupation
C. David Lt Col
14.4.19 at Preston

Statement as to Disability
East Lancs Regiment
Depot East Lancs Regiment
51440 Sgt Swarbrick James
Permanent address: 115, North Road, Preston, Lancashire
Age last birthday 42
First joined: 10.3.15 at Preston
Medical Category: B II
I do not claim etc.
Signed J. Swarbrick Preston - 25th February 1920

Transfer Statement of Clothing and Necessaries
Rank and Name: 51440 Pte Swarbrick J
Proceeding from the "B" Coy Depot East Lancashire to Dispersal
Date of enlistment 6.2.15
Medical category B II
Date of transfer 1.3.20
Station Preston - 26.2.20

Protection Certificate
Swarbrick James - 51440 Rank: illegible
Unit: East Lancs Regiment
Address for pay: 115, North Road, Preston, Lancashire
Born in year 1877
Date stamped - London - 5th March 1920

James Swarbrick was born in Preston in July 1877 the eldest child of seven born to George and Jane [Cooper] Swarbrick. In 1901 James was living with his parents at 232, New Hall Lane, Preston and working as a tobacconist on his own account On 12th August 1912 he married Hannah Almond in Preston. By 1913 he had switched occupations and was working as a clerk. The couple's first child, James Bernard Swarbrick, was born in 1916. After he was demobilized in 1920, James continued to work as a clerk and was recorded as such in Barrett's Preston Directory in 1922, still living at 115, North Road. James died in 1959 at Preston.

See also the entries for his brothers, George Henry and Charles Peter.
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