The Following are the Swarbrick men listed in the 1919 Absent Voters list for Preston. By this date many men had already been killed in action or by illness, and many others had returned home. The following men were still away on the dates that this data was compiled:
In Name Order / In Address Order
Number Full Name Qualifying Premises Description of Service, Ships, Regiment,
Number, Rank, Rating, &c., or recorded address
Ward / Polling District
5322 SWARBRICK, Arthur 55 Emmanuel Street (blank) St Peter / L
12104 SWARBRICK, Charles Peter The Bungalow, Park Walk 104122 L/Cpl. A Coy. 39th Batt. M.G.C. Fulwood Central / FC
2643 SWARBRICK, Frank 10 Hill Street (blank) Christ Church / F
12105 SWARBRICK, George Henry The Bungalow, Park Walk 98296 P/L/Bdr. 379 Siege. Bty., R.G.A., Egypt Fulwood Central / FC
6559 SWARBRICK, Harry 46 Elgin Street 427986 2nd Cpl., 55 Div., Signal Co., R.E. Park / O
1421 SWARBRICK, Henry 32 Lauderdale Street 43858 Pte. 8th Welsh Regt. Avenham / C
1361 SWARBRICK, James 39 Connaught Road 68145 R.F.A. Avenham / C
8995 SWARBRICK, James 115 North Road 431605 Sgt., 563 Lab. Corps Trinity / S
11451 SWARBRICK, James 4 Clara Street 641462 Pte. 501st Labour Coy. Fishwick / X
6210 SWARBRICK, James Leo 23 Hammond Street 37104 Pte., Duke of Cornwall's L.I. Moorbrook / N
7512 SWARBRICK, John 48 Sedgwick Street 680966 Gnr., B/286 Bge., R.F.A. Park / P
7484 SWARBRICK, Joseph 172 St. Paul's Road 4/38590 Pte., 7th Hussars Park / P
3759 SWARBRICK, Martin 91 De Lacy Street R/259096 Pte., A.S.C. Maudland / I
2623 SWARBRICK, Richard Ignatius St. Mary's Yard, Friargate 225728 Dr., 1203/12 Bde., R.F.A. Christ Church / F
3760 SWARBRICK, Robert 91 De Lacy Street T/363923 55 M.T. Coy., A.S.C. Maudland / I
7424 SWARBRICK, Robert 27 St. Ignatius Square 188694, R.F.A. Park / P
880 SWARBRICK, Thomas 1 Lark Hill Street 37801 Pte., 6th L. North Lancs. St John / B
4945 SWARBRICK, Thomas 127 Norris Street 49514, Canadian Forest Co. St Peter's / K
13517 SWARBRICK, Thomas 23 Hammond Street 3780 6th Bn. L.N. Lancs. Moorbrook / N
8812 SWARBRICK, Wilfred 5 Holstein Street 669483 Pte., 362 Lab. Coy. Trinity / S
13619 SWARBRICK, Wilfrid 99 Meadow Street 201969 Pte., 2/4th L.N. Lancs. Park / P
1126 SWARBRICK, William 15 Roman Road 25409, L. North Lancs. St John / B
7425 SWARBRICK, William 27 St. Ignatius Square Capt., 17th Lanc. Fus. Park / P
10035 SWARBRICK, William 5 Irvin Street 68239 Pte., 1st Bn., Lancs. Fus. Deepdale / U
4156 SWARBRICK, William Edward 96 Water Lane (blank) Maudland / I
4946 SWARBRICK, William Edward 127 Norris Street 34323 Sergt., M.G.C., 63rd Bn. St Peter's / K
12685 SWARBRICK, William Geo. 37 Nelson Street (blank) St Peter / L


Clicking on a man's name will take you to further details, including family history information, on the men listed above. This information was kindly provided by my cousin John David Swarbrick and is part of his ongoing project - researching all of the Swarbrick men who served in the Great War - not just UK, but also Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, Americans, - all of them.

If you can provide further details or have a query regarding any Swarbrick who served, please get in touch.
The people compiling the above data used the information provided to them and there were numerous errors made. They also used a variety of abbreviations and I have transcribed them as they were originally written.

Some of the abbreviations used above are:

Sgt. or Sergt.
Dr. or Dvr.

Bde. or Bge.
Co. or Coy.
= Bombardier
= Corporal
= Private
= Sergeant
= Gunner
= Driver
= Lance/

= Brigade
= Battalion
= Battery
= Company
= Division
= Regiment
Lab. Corps
Lab. Coy.
Lanc. Fus.
Lab. Corps
Lab. Coy.
Lanc. Fus.
= Army Service Corps
= Labour Corps
= Labour Company
= Lancashire Fusiliers
= Light Infantry
= Loyal North Lancashire (Regiment)
= Machine Gun Corps
= Royal Engineers
= Royal Field Artillery
= Royal Garrison Artillery
= Labour Corps
= Labour Company
= Lancashire Fusiliers
= Loyal North Lancashire (Regiment)
= Light Infantry


The above information was transcribed from a bound volume held at the Harris Library in Preston, Lancashire, England


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