SWARBRICK, Martin  R/259096

Medal Index Card:

Swarbrick Martin, A.S.C. Private, R/259096 [R would seem to denote remounts]

Victory medal
British medal

SWB list RASC/4707
Extract from WO 329/3227
R/259096 Private Swarbrick, Martin discharged from RASC
Badge number: 0721
Enlisted: 26th August 1915
Discharged: 15th April 1919
Sickness – Para 392 xvi a King’s Regulations [no longer physically fit for war service]
No age given – had served overseas

Extract from the Long Long Trail http://www.1914-1918.net/ASC_Remounts.htm 'The ASC Remounts Service was responsible for the provisioning of horses and mules to all other army units. It was not a large part of the ASC, despite the huge numbers of animals produced, amounting to only four Remount Squadrons in 1914 that ran 4 Remount Depots at home (Woolwich, Dublin, Melton Mowbray and Arborfield)'.

A Remount Squadron consisted of approximately 200 soldiers, who obtained and trained 500 horses. They were generally older, experienced soldiers

Animals were obtained by compulsory purchase in the United Kingdom and by purchasing from North and South America, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, India and China.

As the army expanded, several more ASC Remount Squadrons were established at home and overseas. ASC Remounts personnel in the Middle East theatres were supplemented by similar units of the Indian Army.

A Base Remount Depot (with capacity for 2,600 animals) and two Advanced Remount Depots (300 each) went to France with the original British Expeditionary Force. As the campaign continued, two further Base Remount Depots opened at the base ports.

At the peak in December 1917, these facilities were training a total of 93,847 horses and 36,613 mules.

Martin Swarbrick was born on 30th December 1893 in Preston, the sixteenth child of sixteen born to William and Elizabeth [Bailey] Swarbrick. In 1911 he was living with his parents at 169, Brook Street in Preston and was an unemployed cotton weaver. After his discharge from the army Martin married Ada Grey on the 9th August 1919 at English Martyrs Catholic Church, Preston. Martin died in January 1940 aged 47 at Preston and his early death may have been attributable to his war service.
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