SWARBRICK, William Edward  34323

Medal Index Card:
Swarbrick William E., M.G.C., Sergeant, 34323

Victory medal
British medal

Information from Service Record Papers
Short Service Attestation
34323 Swarbrick William Edward M.G.C.
127, Norris Street, Preston
Age: 24 years 21 days
Trade: Weaver
Married: No
Previous Service: 2/4 Loyal North Lancs. T. F. 3479
Date of Discharge 3/5/16

Dated 4th May 1916

Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Chest 38 inches
Expansion 3 inches
Next of Kin: Father - George, Mother Sarah Ellen, sister Agnes

Signed for Foreign Service at Herne Bay on 8th August 1915

Statement of Services of 3479 Wm Ed Swarbrick
Stamped 30th December 1914 Loyal North Lancs. Regiment
Embodied Service Private 30th December 1914 24th June 1915 Depot 4th Battalion
42nd Prov. Bn. Transferred to Private 25th June 1915 7th September 1915
2/4th Bn Loyal North Lancs. Regiment Transferred to Private 8th September 1915 4th May 1916
M.G.C. Transferred to Private 5th May 1916
Total service towards engagement in the Territorial Force to 4th May 1916 [date of discharge] 1 year 129 days
Station: Preston

Statement of Services of 34323 Swarbrick
Service reckons from: 29th December 1914
Joined at Grantham on 4th May 1916
M.G.C. Posted Private 4th May 1916
M.G.C. 2 Group Transfer Private 8th August 1916
M.G.C. B.E.F. France Posted Private 12th August 1916
M.G.C. BD Posted Private 13th August 1916
M.G.C. 18th Company Posted Private 1st September 1916
M.G.C. BD Posted Private 19th October 1916
M.G.C. No. 1 Company R.D. Posted Private 31st October 1916
M.G.C. 188 Company B.E.F. France Private 25th April 1917
M.G.C. 188 Company Appointed [paid] A/Corporal 4th December 1917
Bn 63 Appointed A/Corporal 23rd January 1918
To receive pay and allowances 29th January 1918
63 Battalion Promoted A/Sergeant 15th March 1918
Home Posted Sergeant 24th November 1918

Home 4th May 1916 11th August 1916
France 12th August 1916 30th October 1916
Home 31st October 1916 24th April 1917
France 25th April 1917 23rd November 1918
Home 26th November 1918

Army Form W3016
Regimental Number: 34323
Rank and Name: Pte Swarbrick W E
Regiment or Corps: 18460 M Gun Corps
Has been granted furlough from 21st December 1916 to 30th December 1916
His address on leave will be: 127, Norris Street, Preston
Signed by the Commandant Convalescent Hospital Eastbourne

Protection Certificate dated 27th March 1919 [Dispersal Leicester]
Swarbrick William Edward 34323 Sergeant 63rd Battalion M.G.C.
Address for pay: 127, Norris Street Preston
Theatre of War: 3
Born in the year 1891

Character: sober, reliable, intelligent

GSW to right shoulder 30% disability attributed to War Service
Pension of 9/9 per week from 25th April 1919 to be reviewed in 26 weeks
Discharged on 24th April 1919 aged 27 years, single man to Class Z

William Edward Swarbrick was born on 10th April 1891 at Broughton, the fifth child of fourteen born to George Roskell and Sarah Eleanor [Pomfret] Swarbrick. He was baptised on 17th May 1891 at St John's Church, Broughton. In 1911 he was living with his parents at 127, Norris Street Preston and working as a weaver in a cotton mill. In 1924 Mrs Swarbrick of 127, Norris Street, Preston, was listed as one of the contributors to the fund for the Preston War Memorial.

William Edward Swarbrick died in Preston and was buried at Preston Cemetery on 24 June 1971.

See also the entry for his brother Thomas
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