Name: Joseph Weights, 24, bachelor, Tailor
Father: William Weights, Coach Proprietor, (Deceased)
Mother: Dorothy Carter
Baptism Date: 1 January 1817
Birthplace: Garstang, Lancashire, England
Name: Sarah Place, 22, spinster
Father: William Place, Reedmaker
Mother: Alice Pearson
Baptism Date: 9 December 1818
Birthplace: Preston, Lancashire, England
Birthplace: Garstang, Lancashire, England


Date: 19 January 1841, by Banns
Place: The Parish Church of St. John (C. of E.)
Location: Preston, Lancashire, England
Priest: J. C. Whish, Curate
Witnesses: Thomas Walker & Harriet Place


William Weights (1) Baptized: 18 Jun 1841 (infant)
James Weights (1) Baptized: 15 Jan 1843 (young)
Sarah Ann Weights Baptized: 7 Mar 1845 Her Family
Robert Weights Baptized: 31 Jan 1847 His Family
Richard Weights (1) Baptized: 9 Feb 1849 (infant)
Dorothy Weights Baptized: 24 Mar 1850 (infant)
Richard Weights (2) Baptized: 8 Feb 1852 His Family
John Morton Weights Baptized: 7 May 1854 (infant)
Joseph Weights Baptized: 23 Feb 1856 (young)
Samuel Weights Baptized: 4 Jun 1858 His Family
James Weights (2) Baptized: 4 May 1860 His Family
William Weights (2) Baptized: 23 Nov 1864 His Family


Richard Weights (1) [infant] Buried: 21 Mar 1849
John Morton Weights [ 1 yr] Buried: 10 Apr 1855
Dorothy Weights [ 8 yrs] Buried: 6 Nov 1858
James Weights (1) [16 yrs] Buried: 8 Feb 1859
William Weights (1) [22 yrs] Died: 19 Sep 1863
Joseph Weights Jr. [13 yrs] Died: 15 Feb 1869
Sarah Weights (Mrs) [64 yrs] Died: 17 May 1883
Sarah Ann Robinson (Mrs) Died: Pre: 1895
Joseph Weights Sr. [84 yrs] Died: 11 Apr 1901
James Weights (2) [57 yrs] Died: 14 May 1917
Robert Weights [80 yrs] Died: 21 Mar 1927
Richard Weights (2) [79 yrs] Died: 24 Feb 1931
Samuel Weights [75 yrs] Died: 31 Jul 1933
William Weights (2) Died:


1: At the time of their marriage Joseph was living at Pleasant Street and Sarah was living at Nile Street.
2: As their first child, William, was born a little more than 4 months after their wedding, it would seem that Sarah Place was visibly pregnant when she married Joseph Weights.
3: In his Will dated 1895 Joseph mentions his five children, James, Robert, Richard, Samuel & William. The fact that he does not mention his daughter Sarah Ann leads me to believe that she died before him.
4: Some of the above information was kindly provided by Jane Berry, a descendant of Joseph Weights Sr., with additional information taken from the Marriage and Baptism Registers from St. John's Church and the burial registers of Preston Cemetery held on microfilm at the Lancashire Record Office.


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