Name: George Stanislaus Swarbrick, bachelor, age 23, book-keeper
Father: William Swarbrick, gentleman
Mother: Alice Morton (deceased)
Birthdate: 29 December 1854
Birthplace: Preston, Lancashire, England


Name: Ellen Boocock, spinster, age 22, machinist
Father: Richard Boocock, saddler
Mother: Mary Seed
Birthdate: 5 October 1856
Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland
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Date: 30 October 1878
Place: St. Augustine's Catholic Church
Location: Preston, Lancashire, England
Priest: John Chapman
Witnesses: Richard Boocock and Henrietta Magdalena Swarbrick


"Marriages - On the 30th ult., at St. Augustine's, Preston, by the Rev. Father Chapman, George, eldest son of Mr. William Swarbrick, Sion Hill, Fulwood, to Ellen, eldest daughter of Mr. Richard Boocock, both of this town"
(From The Preston Chronicle, Saturday, 2 November 1878)


George Leo Swarbrick Born: 6 Jul 1879 His Family
William Swarbrick Born: 10 Sep 1880 (infant)
Matilda (Maude) Swarbrick Born: 1 May 1882 Her Family
Alice Swarbrick Born: 7 May 1883 Her Family
Richard Joseph Swarbrick Born: 17 Jun 1884 His Family
Helen Swarbrick Born: 25 Aug 1885 (infant)


William Swarbrick [17 mos] Died: 7 Jan 1882
Helen Swarbrick [ 2 yrs] Died: 26 Sep 1887
Ellen Swarbrick (Mrs) [72 yrs] Died: 23 Feb 1929
George Stanislaus Swarbrick [76 yrs] Died: 1 May 1931
Alice Atkinson (Mrs) [50 yrs] Died: 19 Aug 1933
Maude Stuchbury (Mrs) [65 yrs] Died: 16 Feb 1948
George Leo Swarbrick [79 yrs] Died: 21 Aug 1958
Richard Joseph Swarbrick [90 yrs] Died: 12 Sep 1974


1: At the time of their marriage George lived at 39 Great Avenham Street and Ellen lived at 67 Lauderdale Street, both in Preston.
2: Stanislaus was George's confirmation name which he often used as a middle name.
3: Richard was born and baptized plain Richard Swarbrick. Joseph was his confirmation name, which he used as a middle name through all of his adult life.
4: Until the release of the 1911 Census I did not know that Ellen Boocock was born in Dublin, only that she was born in Ireland of English parents. The most surprising thing revealed by the 1911 Census was that George and Ellen had six children. I did not know that they had lost a daughter, Helen, at age 2.
5: The birthdate for Ellen Boocock is taken from transcriptions of the baptism records for the church in Dublin where she was baptized. See her baptism record.
6: The above information is taken from a variety of sources, including original marriage, baptism and burial records held at the Lancashire Archives and the various census returns, as well as the recollections of my late cousin Elsie (Swarbrick) Banks, who also provided the above photographs.


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