Name: Richard Swarbrick, bachelor, of Halton
Father: George Swarbrick
Mother: Mary Kitchen
Baptism Date: 8 November 1784
Birthplace: Kirkland, Lancashire, England


Name: Mary Goose, minor, of Garstang
Father: Thomas Goose
Mother: Elizabeth Helme
Baptism Date: 19 November 1786
Birthplace: Garstang, Lancashire, England


Date: 6 January 1807
Place: St. Mary and St Michael's Catholic Church
Location: Bonds, Garstang, Lancashire, England
Priest: [Not recorded in church register]
Witnesses: [Not recorded in church register]


Date: 7 January 1807, by Banns
Place: St. Helen's Parish Church
Location: Churchtown, Garstang, Lancashire, England
Priest: W.W. Thornton, Curate
Witnesses: John Cornthwaite and Jane Goose


George Swarbrick Baptized: 2 Feb 1809 His Family
Thomas Swarbrick Baptized: 3 Jun 1810 His Family
Mary Swarbrick Baptized: 15 Dec 1811 (infant)
Elizabeth Swarbrick Born: c. 1814 Her Family
Richard Swarbrick Born: c. 1815 His Family
Mary Ann Swarbrick Born: c. 1817 Her Family
Margaret Swarbrick Baptized: 30 May 1819 Her Family
Robert Swarbrick Born: c. 1821 His Family
William Swarbrick Born: 23 Mar 1823 His Family
John "Dandy" Swarbrick Born: 22 Dec 1824 His Family
Jane Swarbrick Born: 20 Apr 1827


Mary Swarbrick (1) [infant] Died: pre 1817
Mary Swarbrick (Mrs) [55 yrs] Died: 14 May 1842
Richard Swarbrick [69 yrs] Died: 12 Sep 1854
William Swarbrick [32 yrs] Died: 10 Aug 1855
Thomas Swarbrick [49 yrs] Died: 15 Jul 1859
George Swarbrick [62 yrs] Died: 21 Apr 1871
Mary Ann Hodson (Mrs) [57 yrs] Buried: 22 Nov 1873
Robert Swarbrick [54 yrs] Died: 26 Dec 1875
Elizabeth Wells (Mrs) [76 yrs] Died: 1888
Richard Swarbrick [76 yrs] Died: c. 1891
Margaret Tinkler (Mrs) [75 yrs] Buried: 11 Oct 1894
John "Dandy" Swarbrick [81 yrs] Died: 17 Jan 1906
Jane Swarbrick Died:


1: Due to restrictions placed on Catholics at the time, Richard and Mary had to be "legally" married in a Church of England church. Like many Catholic couples, they chose to have a Catholic ceremony as well. The entry in the register at St. Mary and St Michael's Church is a simple one-line entry as follows:
"Ric: Swarbrick married Mary Goose Jan 6 1807"
2: Sometime around 1812 Richard and Mary moved their family to the Dumfries area of Scotland, where their children Elizabeth, Richard, Mary Ann, Margaret and Robert were born. They returned to Preston sometime before the birth of their 9th child, William.
3: The baptism date for their daughter Margaret was kindly provided by Cathy Gibb, an Archive Assistant at the Dumfries and Galloway Libraries, Information and Archives.
4: Except as noted above, the above information is based on the registers of St. Mary and St Michael's and St Helen's churches, Garstang; St Peter's Church, Lancaster; St. Mary and St James' Church, Scorton; as well as various census records - all held at the Lancashire Archives.


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