"In Loving Memory of
Margaret, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Weights
who died Jany 8th 1886 aged 1 year.
Also of the above named Elizabeth Weights
who died Dec 17th 1886 aged 36 years.
Also of Joseph, son of the above,
who died Jany 19th 1899 in his 26th year.
Also of Mary Alice, wife of the above named Robert Weights
died Jany 29th 1902 in her 50th year.
Also of Sarah, wife of James Thomas Hodgkinson
and daughter of the above
who died March 14th 1913 aged 40 years.
Also of Annie daughter of the above Robert and Mary Alice Weights
who died Feby 29th 1920 aged 31 years.
Also of the above named Robert Weights
who died March 21st 1927 aged 80 years.
Loved by all."
The Grave of Robert Weights & Famiily
(Buried in a private grave, Plot P, Grave 489 at Preston Cemetery)


(none found as yet)


Robert Weights, of 54 Wellfield Road, purchased grave P-489 in the Church of England Section at Preston Cemetery on 9 January 1896. There are eight burials in a 20 ft. deep grave:
1)  Margaret Weights, age 1 year, of 54 Wellfield Road, was buried by R. Firth on 11 January 1886. Hers was the 1st interment, buried 20 ft deep. Burial No. 35938
2) Mrs Elizabeth Weights, age 36 years, of 54 Wellfield Road, was buried on 20 December 1886 by E. S. Murdock, Hers was the 2nd Interment, buried 18'6" deep. Burial No. 37267
3) Joseph Weights, age 24 years, of 20 Woodhouse Grove, was buried on 21 January 1899 by H. Henn. His was the 3rd interment, buried 16'6" deep. Burial No. 53517.
4) Mrs. Mary Alice Weights, age 56, of 64 Waterloo Road, Ashton, was buried on 29 January 1902 by C.A.M. Evans. Hers was the 4th interment, the depth not stated in the burial record.
5) Mrs Sarah (Weights) Hodgkinson, age 40, (burial record not yet found).
6) Miss Annie Weights, age 31, of 64 Waterloo Road, Ashton, was buried on 3 March 1920 by A. W. Wiseman. Hers was the 6th interment, buried 10ft deep.
7) Robert Weights, age 80, of 64 Waterloo Road, Ashton, was buried on 24 March 1927 by A. E. Goode. His was the 7th interment, buried 6ft deep.
8) Mrs Ellen Hannah Weights, age 72, of 29 Ecroyd Road, Preston, was buried on 14 May 1943 by Stephen Fell. Hers was the 8th and last interment, buried 6ft deep. She was the wife of William Weights and is listed on the reverse of the headstone.


1: The photograph and monument inscription above were kindly provided by Jane Berry.
2: The burial record for Joseph records his age as 24 but the headstone indicates that he was 25.
3: The burial records are taken from microfilmed copies of the original grave and burial registers held at the Lancashire Archives in Preston.


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