Archive: Older Additions to the Website:

39: Added pages for the family of Joseph & Nancy (Swarbrick) Swarbrick of Nateby.
38: Added pages for the family of William & Elizabeth (Hodson) Ford of Blackburn.
37: Added pages for the family of Samuel & Isabella (Swarbrick) Pickard.
36: Added pages for the family of Richard & Mary Jane (Hodson) Garlington of Blackburn.
35: Added newly discovered information on the family of Robert & Mary (Swarbrick) Hodson of Blackburn.
34: Added more pages for the family of John & Betty (Higginson) Swarbrick of Preston.
33: Added pages for the family of William & Sarah (Green) Swarbrick of Myerscough.
32: Added a page for the family of Mary Ann Richardson, wife of John Swarbrick.
(Also made a number of additions, amendments and corrections to the Surname Index)
31: I finally located the marriage record for John Higson & Ellen Boocock, which led me to update their pages.
30: I've updated the pages for Thomas Swarbrick & Alice Daggers and added a page for Alice's family.
29: After being contacted by his grandson Richard Dornan, I have added pages for Herbert Dornan, son of Richard Coppock Dornan & Ada Elizabeth Cottam.
28: Added pages for George Swarbrick, son of John Swarbrick & Elizabeth Higginson.
27: More additions and updates to Swarbrick pages - adding pages for the marriages of John Swarbrick
to 1) Isabella Halsall and 2) Margaret Ironfield.
26: Continuing with more additions and updates to Swarbrick pages - adding family pages for each of the children of James Swarbrick and Amelia Ellen Green.
25: Continuing to add and update Swarbrick pages I have added a family page for James, son of Thomas Swarbrick & Elizabeth Banks.
24: After getting sidetracked with other projects, I have returned to the Swarbrick pages and added a family page for Thomas, son of James Swarbrick & Mary Ann Richardson.
23: New and updated pages for the family of John & Alice (Lea) Molyneux and their son Samuel Molyneux.
22: Additions to pages for the family of Henry & Rhoda (Walmsley) Swarbrick.
21: Additions to pages for the family of Henry & Elizabeth (Bamford) Swarbrick and some of their children.
20: Amendments and additions to the Weights family pages, including previously unknown children.
19: In order to make it easier for visitors to contact me I have added a dedicated Contact Me page.
18: I have discovered that my great-uncle Robert Boocock may have been a bigamist! He emigrated to the USA in about 1894 and remarried.
17: At long last, I have found the birth and baptism information for my Great-Grandmother, Ellen Boocock, wife of George Swarbrick, who was born in Dublin.
16: Added burial dates for Harry Norris Swarbrick, his wife Mary Ann (Salthouse), and two of their children.
15: I decided it was time to update some of the Morton family pages after being contacted by two Morton researchers. I am indebted to Nick Owen for his assistance and photographs.
14: I've identified 3 more Swarbricks buried at Preston Cemetery. This was made difficult because 2 of the 3 were recorded in the burial registers with the wrong first names!
13: Continuing to update Swarbrick section, I have added a family page for James, son of John Swarbrick & Betty Higginson. More to follow.
12: With the release of the 1911 Census I have updated the pages concerning my grandfather's family. The biggest surprise to come from this new resource is that my great-grandparents had six children, having had a daughter who was born and died in Ramsbottom.
11: I have been working on trying to identify the other Swarbricks buried in the Catholic sections of Preston Cemetery. It is an on-going project and - to be honest - I'll probably never be able to identify everyone, but I will do as much as I can.
10: I have added family pages for two more children of Henry Swarbrick and Elizabeth Bamford, including one son that I'd only recently discovered.
9: Although as yet unfinished, I have started to add a family page for William, son of Richard Swarbrick and Mary Goose, who died at the siege of Sebastopol in 1855.
8: I've finally started to add family pages for some of the other 18 children of George and Mary Swarbrick.
7: I have added brief marriage details for Margery and Alice, two of the daughters of John and Mary Morton of Claughton-on-Brock.
6: For quite some time I have been exchanging information with my distant cousins David Swarbrick and Derek Sadler regarding the Liverpool branch of our family. After being contacted by some other distant cousins, Marc Ball, Linda Young and Claire Vincent, I decided to update the Liverpool branch and have added pages for Alfred, Robert and Elizabeth Swarbrick, three of the children of William and Martha.
5: One thing sometimes leads to another and after updating the Higson pages (see below) I decided to look at some of the other branches of the family and ended up adding quite a bit to the Dyson family pages.
4: I had all but given up on finding any information on Henry Boocock but my distant cousin Joy Seamons cracked this one. She first traced Henry and his family to Liverpool in 1851, but from there the trail went cold - until she decided to trace another member of the family, Catherine Susannah Higson. As it turns out, Catherine married one of the sons of Henry Boocock in Wales. After an extensive search of the Census - trying every imaginable variation in the spelling, she traced Henry to Monmouthshire in Wales. Joy was kind enough to share this information with me and I used that information to find a little more. I will continue to dig away at this branch of the family and add to this section of the website.
3: My distant cousin Frances Walsh has come to my rescue again. Mrs Walsh contacted me from the USA, where she is on holiday, to tell me that she had just been to lunch with Mrs Marion Jordan, who, despite the information on my website saying that she died in 1993, is very much alive. I sincerely apologize to Mrs Jordan and her family for this error and for any upset it may have caused.
2: After finding some further information, I decided to take a temporary break from working on the Norris family pages and update the pages concerning Mary (Swarbrick) Bamber and her children. These pages are still unfinished but add much more information than what was previously included.
1: I am currently working on the descendants of Robert Caunce Norris, son of Anne Norris, which follows the line of his only child, Ann "Nanny" Norris and her husband Thomas Rigbye, of Croston.